To use this site, you must have Google Earth loaded on your computer. Please do that first before proceeding with this download. Also, it would be a good idea to play with the controls and learn how to manipulate the planet before trying to explore the trail.

Quit Google Earth before continuing with the download of our waypoints file. Click "Website Waypoints 02/24" below to proceed.

Website Waypoints 2/24

Now that you have the file on your computer, you simply need to double click it. Google Earth will now take over and automatically load the file onto "My Places" under "Temporary Places". You will see this on the toolbar on the left side of Google Earth. If this automatic response does not occur, place the website waypoint file on your desktop and import it into Google Earth by dragging and dropping it into "Temporary Places".

1. Double click on "Temporary Places"

2. Double click on "Website Waypoints 02/24". We have added a starting point so that you can begin with an overview of the route covered by this site.

3. Double click on "Starting Point", also in the left toolbar, and Google Earth will center the view at that point.

You can now start exploring El Camino Real. Zoom in, click on the icons, look for visible trail, or shift your angle of view and altitude to have a better look. You are looking at thousands of waypoints and hundreds of miles of trail. Remember that not all of the marked trails are existing ECR -- and some were created by cows or are dirt auto roads -- but the mission trail will be under or near what you see.

*You do not need to have open to now use Google Earth with all of the waypoints, photos, and comments.

**You will need to save the "Temporary Places" if you want to keep the file. To do so, right click on "Temporary Places" and then left click on "Save to My Places".

***Occasionally, Google Earth will reduce the number of waypoints it shows. If you notice that this has happened, you can double click on "My Places" and then double click on "Starting Location" to bring you back to ECR with all of the waypoints.