Resources related to El Camino Real in Baja California

For more information on El Camino Real and the missions of Baja California, we highly recommend David Kier's website Not only will you find out about the history of early Baja, but you will also discover modern Baja as well.

If you would like a great resource to bring with you on your next trip to Baja, we think that David Kier's book Baja California Land of Missions is a great choice. We take it along with maps and a plant guide.

Land odf Missions

Updated in 2020, this work is a detailed history of the activities by the Spanish Empire, commissioning several orders of Catholic priests, and others, attempting to colonize the peninsula of California between 1535 and 1855. All twenty-seven missions are detailed as well as the satellite visita outposts and the more obscure, little-known, associated sites.

Listen to our January 2023 podcast on Slow Baja:

This is an hour long podcast with host Michael Emery. We discuss our involvement with the mission trail on the Baja California peninsula.